And The Award For The Greatest Picture On The Internet Goes To…


I’ve never paid too much attention to awards seasons, sure I watch the films but that’s usually as far as I go but this year something changed. I didn’t know if it was just me or if the films have gotten significantly better but not only am I paying attention, I’ve also been actively seeking things out. This Christmas period I spent a lot of time watching several Hollywood roundtables eventually making my way to the LA Times Hollywood Sessions and before I’d even begun watching I saw the picture above and started Hyperventilating. That’s Iron Man, Batman, Dr Strange, two Sherlock’s, two Stephen Hawking’s and Steve Carell. It’s like a fangirls dream! Now I think I’ve figured out why I’m paying more attention this year, we get to see actors like these interacting. There wasn’t really much point to this post other than to draw your attention to this epic picture,I mean who needs pictures of Cats or babies in stupid outfits anymore? This is most definitely the best picture on the internet!

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