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As you all know, our “Write for Unreality” contest entry deadline was a few days ago. I thought this was going to mean less work for me before I left on my trip as I wouldn’t be writing as much, but whoops! I didn’t expect to be reading through FIFTY different full length submissions before I left.

As there were so many applicants, I can’t feature everybody, and though I’ve increased the total amount of winners being featured from 5 to 8, there are going to be a lot of you who didn’t quite make the cut. But I really appreciate everyone who applied, and I’m glad you took the time. We’ll probably do this again in the future, so never fear!

The winners’ posts will be going online every day at noon EST starting the 27th and ending the 6th, even though I’ll be back by the 4th. Some winners have been contacted, some haven’t, so tune in every day to see who’s being featured, along with my brief description of why I chose their piece.

A lot of great stuff came in, and it was awesome to see you guys so passionate. Even if you didn’t win, I promise I read every word you all wrote. If at the end of all this, you want me to give you some specific criticisms, re-email me and I’ll do my best. Thanks!

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