Words of Wisdom from Miyamoto

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Everyone complains about how it takes forever for new games to come out from Blizzard or Valve or Nintendo, but Shigeru Miyamoto as always has some timeless words of wisdom when it comes to game development.

I think we’ve all seen what it’s like when games are rushed to release. We get Dragon Age 2 which has good elements trapped running around the same five dungeons over and over and over.

It sucks waiting, but all these titles, Diablo 3, Half-Life 3, A GODDAMN POKEMON CONSOLE GAME, are coming out eventually (at least in the last case, I certainly would hope so). Patience is a virtue, and one many twitch-fingered ADD gamers don’t possess today.

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  1. for the most part that’s true, i think when i developer rushes the game it isn’t good, that’s why i still like Nintendo, they release a couple games a year and they are usually well received, unfortunately they don’t sell as well as rushed game

  2. It should be:

    “A delayed game *can* be good
    A bad game is bad forever.
    But Valve and Blizzard can delay games forever as long as Steam and WoW provide them with a revenue stream.”

  3. Well, he *obviously* wasn’t talking about “Duke Nukem Forever”.

    Actually, I think he said this before it came out. And we’ll never stop hoping for Pokemon on a console.

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