Wolverine Movie “Logan” Releases Several More First Look Photos


Remember yesterday how we brought you the first look picture of Stephen Merchant as the mutant Caliban?  That was just the first preview of what’s more to come from “Logan.”  More photos (and we’re sure video is next) are being released from the anticipated Marvel film on a daily basis and have been teasing us all month.   But just like any other preview I’m 100% skeptical considering how bad X-Men has been lately.

Still though it’s pretty fun to speculate on what’s going to happen in the movie.  Obviously Merchant released another photo of himself but Wponx on Instagram got pretty busy yesterday releasing some black and whites which include Donald Pierce, a rest stop that reads “Where are all the mutants,” a really worn out looking Charles Xavier, a teen on his prom who appears to be doing something Magneto would do, and finally a Hugh Jackman released photo that’s an ad for Sunseeker yachts.

What all of these pics mean for the plot is not 100% clear but here’s some fodder that might be true.

According to Uproxx (who first reported this)

Pierce was a mutant-killing cyborg and leader of the Reavers in more recent X-Men comics. He wasn’t in the Old Man Logan story, but he should fit right into this one. It also seems like James Mangold’s experience directing 3:10 to Yuma will benefit as producer Simon Kinberg has described the film “like a western in its tone.” Many of the other photos recently shared show off desolate locations in and around El Paso, Texas, with a tone that’s a mix of Western and post-apocalypse.

Check out the pics below!









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