10 Movie Myths And Their Real Life Explanations


Movies, especially action movies, go way over the top and for good reason:  it’s entertaining.    And by way over the top I’m referring to the constant barrage of sequences that are so unrealistic you catch yourself rolling your eyes thinking “OK this would never happen in real life.”  While the movie wasn’t particularly great I always felt that Last Action Hero did a great job at making fun of how ridiculous movies can get sometimes.   Remember when Arnold goes into the real world,  shoots a car, and it doesn’t blow up?

Another great example is the movie, The Big Hit which I felt was another underrated movie that 100% overdid it on purpose just for the sake of doing so.   If you’re interested in finding out the exact truth behind some of movie’s major myths then you might like what we picked up today.

Lenya Brick from Brightside has made a series of illustrations that shed light on cliches that we’ve become so used to, we even started taking them as the real thing. From badass shooting with multiple guns to restarting hearts at the last second, these cliches don’t hold much weight in the real world.











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