Why You Should Watch KonoSuba The Movie: Kurenai Densetsu


KonoSuba is the most common name used for KonoSuba: God’s Blessing on this Wonderful World!, which is the English name for the Japanese franchise called Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku o! For those who are curious, KonoSuba is a parody of the isekai stories that are so popular in otaku-oriented media in the present time, thus making it an excellent choice for people with a taste for its particular sense of humor.

In short, isekai stories are stories in which a normal person from the Earth is sent over to some kind of parallel world that is either fantastical or otherwise unusual in nature. Sometimes, this happens through reincarnation. Other times, this happens through some kind of transportation. There are even cases in which the new world is a virtual world that has turned real through unknown means that may or may not come up over the course of the narrative. Regardless, isekai stories tend to serve as a kind of wish fulfillment for their consumers, which is why they tend to share a number of characteristics that range from their protagonists having some kind of special power to their protagonists being able to attract a wide range of beautiful love interests whose appearances cater to a wide range of preferences with minimal effort on their part.

Konosuba is an isekai story that parodizes a lot of the most common isekai stories. For instance, it is common for the protagonists of isekai stories to be sent over to the other world after they die doing something heroic. However, the KonoSuba protagonist Kazuma Sato died doing something that he thought was heroic. To be exact, he thought that he was run over when he pushed a classmate out of the path of a fast-moving truck when it turned out that he died of a very bad acute stress reaction when he pushed her out of the path of a slow-moving tractor. Suffice to say that the whole incident was very embarrassing for him, particularly since he wet his pants in the whole process.

Furthermore, while Kazuma does wind up in the company of three attractive-looking girls within a very short time period, each of the three has serious personality issues that are not meant to make them appealing to the consumers. First, there is Aqua, the goddess who was supposed to send Kazuma over to the other world after giving him some kind of cheat. Unfortunately for her, she provoked him by mocking the way in which he died, which prompted him to drag her with him by asking for her to be his cheat. Something that neither one of them are very happy about. Personality-wise, Aqua isn’t the most composed of goddesses, which combines with her lack of luck and lack of intelligence to send her into frequent tears. However, this tends to be played for laughs, not least because Aqua is a very arrogant character who can be pretty irresponsible to say the least.

Moving on, there is Megumin, who is one of the modified humans called Crimson Demons. Generally speaking, said individuals can be recognized by the fact that they have black hair, red eyes, very powerful magic, and a very strong case of chunibyo, which is when early teens have delusions of grandeur about possessing either secret powers or secret knowledge. Megumin is indeed a very powerful magic user. However, she has dumped all of her skill points into strengthening her Explosion spell, meaning that she is capable of casting nothing else. Even worse, Megumin becomes incapacitated whenever she uses her spell, thus making her a literal one-shot combatant.

Finally, there is Darkness, whose real name is Lalatina Ford Dustiness. In short, she is a member of a powerful class called crusader, which possesses both powerful offense and powerful defense. However, Darkness is another example of someone who has chosen to min-max, meaning that she has prioritized some of the capabilities of her class at the expense of others. The result is that while she can soak up plenty of hits with her incredible toughness, her considerable offensive capabilities are either useless or next-to-useless because her accuracy is best-described as non-existent. Character-wise, Darkness is pretty upstanding save for the fact that she is an extreme masochist, so much so that this is offputting to everyone who encounters this side of her.

With that said, while much of the humor of KonoSuba comes from the interactions between these dysfunctional characters, a fair amount of the appeal comes from the fact that they are capable of doing great things as a team. As a result, while KonoSuba is very much a parody, it isn’t a mean-spirited one that makes fun of its characters and its consumers on a constant basis. Instead, it has both ups and downs, which serve to make each other that much better.

Why Should You Watch Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku o! Kurenai Densetsu?

Currently, two seasons of an animated adaptation for KonoSuba have been released. Furthermore, it has been revealed that there will be an animated movie called Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku o! Kurenai Densetsu, with the latter part translating to “Crimson Legend.” Based on this, it should come as no surprise to learn that the movie is expected to cover the main cast’s interactions with the Crimson Demons in their home village, which is the next segment of the series’s story.

As for why anyone would want to watch it, well, it depends on whether they find the rest of the animated adaptation interesting or not. If they have enjoyed watching KonoSuba, they should definitely watch Kurenai Densetsu because it is the next segment of the story that will expand to some extent on the characters as well as move events forward. As a result, if they skip over the movie, chances are good that they will be somewhat confused by a story that has moved on whenever the next animated work comes out. If people are still unsure because they haven’t watched KonoSuba, they should definitely check out the animated series before moving on to Kurenai Densetsu because it is best to think of the latter as a later episode of the same series.

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