Why Haven’t You Seen It: The Conspiracy


I want you all to know we are screwed. We, the people, don’t decide shit. We, the people, are merely told what to do and believe and react to, and like good little sheep, we do. But there is something big, some sort of throbbing, grinding machine working under the surface that we know nothing about. The Conspiracy is about that. A couple of kids realizing that some bad shit is going down right under their nose, and their intention of addressing it or calling it out on film. Though the film is fictionalized, the scary part is, most of what they talk about isn’t. Not only was this one of my favorite horror films (if you could call it that) of last year, it is also one of the most under rated movies in recent memory. It is Kill List meets The Wicker Man meets real life, and that puts it in a league of its own. Spooky and effective, let’s talk about The Conspiracy.


Hints of Eyes Wide Shut levels of weirdness abound. What was Kubrick REALLY trying to say with that film?

First and foremost, this is one of those mockumentaries. It is all set up like a real documentary, but none of it is real. I know most people who see this film will know that. I only say it because the things they talk about in this movie are real. The Elite and Bohemian Grove and the secret societies that run our world. We can all laugh and pretend that is bullshit, but all you have to do is do some basic Bohemian Grove research, and you realize how dark and twisted the people who run this show really are. There are many exposes of people hiding and infiltrating Bohemian Grove on film to show us what our government is really up to, and it is quite disturbing. The Conspiracy plays off that idea, but takes it one step further.

The film centers around two young filmmakers who meet a rather colorful “conspiracy theorist” named Terrence G  who they begin taping and talking to. He is telling them about the evil intention of our government and how they secretly do Pagan rituals and a cavalcade of other stuff that it would be safe to assume is either bullshit, or that the govt wouldn’t want getting out there. Not long after these two begin filming this man, he vanishes. Not only that, but all the evidence and research in his apt. just vanishes as well. Something the man himself predicted would happen. While initially, it seems like they are just sort of filming him because he seems like a nut, his words begin to make sense to the two. But once he disappears, it hits them. There may be something to some of the stuff this guy was saying.


So whatever happened to Terrence? Well, he probably got another gig.

So begins their adventure into the sub-culture of conspiracy theories. At first, it seems they have no leads and have no ideas where the guy went or what happened to him. They start asking questions, which opens more doors and eventually, it feels like they may be creeping into territory that may even be too big and too vast for them to understand. The thing is, this does not stop them. They live under the assumption that men cannot just vanish, and make it a sort of focal point for their lives to find out what happened to Terrence G.

Trailer time? Nope. No trailer today. Just kidding. Just do not let it ruin the movie for you (which it may):


Well written, well executed, and leaves a lasting impression. More people need to love this film.

There is no way for this to work as a film if you go in knowing any more than I already told you. There are obviously twists and turns, and if you know anything about conspiracy theories, you can sort of see where this one is going. The real reasons I want to share it are two fold. One, it does “conspiracy” better than any other film out there. It mentions so many real people and real names associated with conspiracies that the lines between the real and the faux blur. That is exactly what the best mockumentaries need to do, but very rarely can.

I also chose to talk this movie up because, believe it or not, stuff like the things that happen in this movie happen all the time. We are puppets and not people. Sheep kept in a cage who run, speak, and eat when we are told. The one thing we are taught NOT to do early on in our lives is question things. The Conspiracy reminds you that you can ask questions. You can step aside from the pack and learn how to think for yourself. Yet it also shows what may happen to people who delve too deeply into said questions and conspiracies. Yes, free will is good, Yes, asking questions and questioning things is a smart idea. But know, there is a line. There are places so dark, you don’t want to go because there is little chance of coming back from them. I believe in the age of the NSA and presidents who are nothing more than puppets playing a role, there is no better time for this film to get more attention. Hell, get the attention it deserves.


When people are dressed like this, you KNOW some bad shit is bound to go down.

It’s funny. The movie itself is a lot like the Terrence G character from the start of the film. It is smart and knows some shit it shouldn’t, and for that reason, I think it just kinda vanished. What I called one of my favorite horror films of 2013 got completely ignored by most of media. What do you call things like that again? Oh yeah, a conspiracy. See how it all connects. Don’t worry, you will.

Oh, and if you are one of those people who would watch this movie and spout about how shit like this would “never happen in real life”, you might want to watch this:

This is the real life dude and place the movie is sort of based on, even if no one wants to admit that.

Yeah, your government is all into Satan orgies and shit. Sorry, someone had to tell you. I thought I might as well use this awesome movie as my mouth piece for a moment to help drive that home. See The Conspiracy. It may be “fiction” in the purest sense, but it dances around a scary truth with ballet like delicacy. Also, one hell of an ending.

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