When Stephen King Meets Superheroes

[Marco D’Afonso]

Via Comic Book Resources comes an art contest that’s better than any I’ve seen recently. The idea was simple: Combine beloved comic book character with a beloved Stephen King novel. The result? We get Deadpool surfing on the Overlook Hotel’s hallway river of blood.

But that’s not all! Many talented artists tried their hand at the concept, which you can check out below. My favorites are probably Harley and The Joker in Misery, and “The Northeast Avengers.” You’ll see. So, who wants to make Wolverine Roland from The Dark Tower? I feel like they have similar attitudes.

Wonder Woman in The Langoliers

[Steve Howard]

Teen Titans in Stand By Me

[Bill Walko]

The Flash in The Running Man

[Xum Yukinori]

Mouse Guard in Pet Sematary

[Sean McFarland]

Harley and The Joker in Misery

[Axel Medillin]

Spidey and Gwen Stacy in Maximum Overdrive

[John Trumbull]

The Hulk in The Green Mile

[Daniel Cox]

Red Skull in Apt Pupil

[Nick Perks]

The Northeast Avengers

[Phil Sevy]

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  1. Hollywood should take note and do that Deadpool movie, that way they can kill 2 birds with one stone: do that Shining sequel they’re planning and the Deadpool movie

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