What is The Risk of Rain 2 Gold Orb?

Risk of Rain 2 Gold Orb

For those who are unfamiliar, Risk of Rain 2 is a third-person roguelike. Like its name says, it isn’t the first installment in its series but rather the second, meaning that those who want to know more about it can learn a fair amount by checking out its predecessor. Having said that, there is one major change from the first installment to the second installment, which is the transition from a 2D presentation to a 3D presentation.

Regardless, those who are curious about Risk of Rain 2 should know something about what they can expect. In short, each level will require interested individuals to search for a teleporter, which is situated in a randomized location. Once they have managed to find the teleporter, they will need to defend themselves from wave after wave of hostile aliens until they have managed to fully activate the teleporter. This can be either a boon or a blessing depending on the exact circumstances. On the one hand, they can get experience as well as currency for killing enemies, which can be used to make their characters more capable than otherwise possible. On the other hand, the enemies will continue to get stronger and stronger on a regular basis, meaning that there is a practical limit to how long interested individuals should stay in each level. In the end, Risk of Rain 2 can be considered an exercise in balancing risk with reward, which is something that it shares with a lot of other games out there.

What Is the Gold Orb in Risk of Rain 2?

It is interesting to note that there is an item called a Gold Orb in Risk of Rain 2. Those who are curious can get their hands on it by paying the necessary sum to the Altar of Gold, which is a structure that they can come upon while exploring the levels. Once they have paid this sum, they should start saving up as much gold as possible for the eventual encounter. In short, when interested individuals reach the teleporter, they should activate it in the same manner that they would activate it on any other occasion. Once they have managed to fully activate the device by defeating their enemies, they shouldn’t use it. Instead, they should use the Golden Portal that will pop up beside it, which will send them to the Gilded Coast where they will have the chance to face off against Aurelionite.

How Can Players Beat Aurelionite?

For starters, it should be mentioned that Aurelionite is a unique Stone Titan boss. As such, interested individuals should familiarize themselves with its base counterpart. First, Stone Titans can aim at a target before shooting out a continuous beam, which can be very painful should the target catch its full force. Second, Stone Titans can punch targets into the air, which will provide plenty of notice beforehand in the form of a warning circle. Third, Stone Titans can start shooting lasers from a mass of rocks suspended over their head, which will be used once their health falls past a certain point.

Having said this, Aurelionite is a unique Stone Titan boss. As a result, while its attacks are still very similar to those of its base counterpart, there are still significant differences that interested individuals should take notice of. First, Aurelionite’s continuous beam has more of a resemblance to a shotgun. As a result, those who are about to get attacked can either dodge it, get into cover, or get some distance between it and themselves. The last suggestion is useful because the continuous beam does more damage to targets that are closer than targets that are further out. Second, Aurelionite is very much capable of punching its targets, though its punches will result in a series of spikes shooting outwards. Something that interested individuals will want to watch out for because this move can still send them shooting upwards, thus rendering them helpless should the boss use their other attack in a vicious combo.

The true pain of Aurelionite can be found in when it can and cannot take damage. In short, interested individuals will need to activate four beacons in the Gilded Coast to summon Aurelionite. However, they need to activate all seven beacons in the Gilded Coast if they actually want to do damage to them. Unfortunately, this vulnerability has a time limit, meaning that once it runs out, interested individuals are going to have to pay a sizable sum at each of the shrines to activate all of them before getting another chance to kill Aurelionite. In other words, this boss is a rather grindy boss, which is why the proper preparation is so important.

Reward-wise, Aurelionite can drop a couple of items of interest. First, it can drop a Titanic Knurl, which has two properties. One, it raises the player’s health by 40 HP. Two, it raises the player’s regeneration by 1.6 HP per second. Combined, these effects make Titanic Knurls useful for players who are interested in those buffs. However, it isn’t recommended for interested individuals to farm Aurelionite for Titanic Knurls. After all, these items can also drop off of normal Stone Titan bosses, which are much less grindy to say the least. Second, Aurelionite can drop something called the Halcyon Seed as well. This time around, Aurelionite is the one and only source of this drop, meaning that interested individuals don’t have a choice but to grind Aurelionite if they want to get their hands on it. As for what the Halcyon Seed does, well, suffice to say that it summons a friendly copy of Aurelionite when players activate the teleporter. Something that can be useful for boasting rights as well as more practical considerations.

On a final note, it is important to note that Risk of Rain 2 is still in the process of being made. As a result, it should be mentioned that the information presented here may or may not remain true in the times to come. After all, one of the most fundamental purposes of early access is so that the developers can get more feedback about their content, which can then be used to guide their development in order to produce a better play experience than otherwise possible.

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