What is a Zettaflare and How Powerful is It?

In 2018, the BBC published the story of a man who used black magic to double a bank manager’s money and lure a woman into marriage to help defraud another bank. He ended up in jail because black magic is frowned upon, and using it to take advantage of people is a crime. Despite the negative attitude towards magic, video game players have no qualms about watching the characters casting spells, hence most games’ success. Even video game fanatics love it when their favorite character is given more powers. One such video game character is Donald Duck, featured in “Kingdom Hearts III” where he casts Zettaflare, a very powerful spell and fans cannot stop commenting on what an honor it is for the character. Here is more about Zettaflare and how powerful it is.

When Zettaflare was Used

Bamboozedeagle blog tries to explain that Donald’s first time to use Zettaflare was an accident that occurred as he studied magic. He became frustrated, resulting in building up energy without his knowledge. He cast a spell on himself; it was so powerful that he had to be hospitalized. Consequently, his friends who were aware of the incident became wary of Donald whenever he was angry to prevent such an incident from repeating itself because the pain he had been in after the accident was unbearable.

However, that is just fiction, but other sources summarize what happened to Donald and his use of Zettaflare. Donald became the most powerful character in the “Final Fantasy” series after preparing an attack on Terranort. He held his staff in one hand and turned the other into a fist, but Goofy warned him against doing whatever it is he was planning to do. Donald went ahead to point the staff towards Terranort and shouted, “Zettaflare.” In that instance, a giant red and white laser emanates from Donald’s staff, surrounds Terranort, and wipes him from existence. The power of the spell was too much for Donald, and it left him half-dead.

How Powerful is Zettaflare?

There are variants of the spell used in “Kingdom Hearts III” and Zettaflare ranks at the top. Flare is the black magic used in the “Final Fantasy” series, and it is quite powerful. Although “Kingdom Hearts III” and “Final Fantasy” are two different series, they employ the same black magic spells similar in their level of power. For instance, Petaflare is utilized in “Final Fantasy VII” while Terraflare is used in “Final Fantasy XIV.” Zettaflare, on the other hand, has never been used in any “Final Fantasy” series; hence its use in “Kingdom Hearts III” was a first which had people wondering how powerful it is.

The spells’ power is divided into tiers that use Greek prefixes, and deca sits at the bottom while Zetta is at the top. It is equal to one thousand million Gigaflares, making it the most powerful spell cast in Square Enix. The fact that even no one has the authority to use it in “Final Fantasy” only adds to its power. Therefore, when Donald Duck cast it in Terranort, he became the most powerful in the entire “Final Fantasy” universe.

The number of Flares in a Zettaflare is quite large, and it makes it the most powerful Flare in the entire world of magic. Technoinfoplus discloses that Flare is indeed one of the highest spells in any video game. There are three types of spells: Ultima, Holy, and Flare, and Ultima is the strongest. While Flare is confined to black magic, Holy is restricted to white magic. Since Flare has different levels of power, Zettaflare is more powerful than Ultima.

There is a Spell Stronger than Zettaflare

The Archway (https://bryantarchway.com/why-donald-duck-is-the-most-powerful-character-in-kingdom-hearts-iii/) gives a more detailed account of the incident that led to Donald using his powers and being crowned the most powerful being in the game. While the power portrayed is impressive, the article says that Zettaflare is not the most powerful spell in the series. However, there is no account of the other spell claimed to be stronger than Zettaflare, but if Zettaflare almost killed Donald, you can picture what any other spell with much more strength can do to a character. After all, Zettaflate did more than kill Terranort; it removed every trace of his existence.

Since only Donald has cast the spell, it is assumed that only he can perform any other magic more powerful than Zettaflare. He can perform both black and white magic to fight his enemies, which adds to his power. Even without the magic, he is a strong character who can also jump, glide, punch, and do whatever it takes to survive, including transforming himself into whatever form is necessary. He is probably the only character who can handle the strength of a spell more powerful than Zettaflare.

Why was Donald Chosen to Use Zettaflare?

There is no apparent reason why Donald was given the honors of unleashing the most powerful spell on Terranort. Still, we could come up with a few theories. For instance, according to Kingdom Heart Wiki, he is the most aggressive, and his short-tempered nature is proven in how quick he is to unleash a spell that could potentially kill him despite Goofy trying to warn him. Additionally, his protective nature ensures that he can do anything to protect those he cares about, even if it means dying in the process.

So far, he has revealed his capabilities but maybe with “Kingdom Hearts IV,” there is more we are yet to see. Unfortunately, we might have to settle for what we know so far because the development team is not in a hurry to release the sequel. While “Kingdom Hearts II” only took three years to be released after the first installment, the speed has changed. If you expect Donald to unleash the most powerful spell there is, you will have to wait a while longer because “Kingdom Hearts IV” is not being released any time soon.

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