What Gaming as a Female is Like


It’s strange, it wasn’t until this moment that I realize I’ve never heard a female gamer on Xbox live.

Now, surely this is impossible, and I KNOW I have at some point. But what I think the issue might be is that between my hearing and the shitty Xbox live headsets, I cannot tell the difference between a girl and pre-teen boy, as demonstrated in one of the speech bubbles above. Not trying to be mean to either group, but it’s just a fact.

But yeah, this picture I’m told accurately sums up what playing as a female gamer with a headset is like. I hate almost everyone on Xbox live already, so I can’t imagine what it would be like to play with those same people as a girl, I’d probably end up with a controller through my TV.

I think everyone should be forced to make their gamertag their real name. It’s the only way we’ll ever seen real civility online. I also might say the same for internet comments…

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  1. I have a friend I play xbox with very regularly and she is a girl, she rarely talks though. She has a very high pitched voice so on xbox she DOES sound like a prepubescent boy. I remember in one game she heard all of these things several times and some other ones.

    But I guarantee you have played with a girl gamer, they just really don’t like talking on the headset for some reason.

  2. This is why I normally don’t use my headset on XBL. It’s ten times easier just to wait for a group that doesn’t mind me not using one and play with them.

  3. I play Call O Duty with a friend of mine, and for a while he would hotseat with his girlfriend. She was alright, he was really good. So people would pretty much say all the most terrible things you can say to a girl, then they’d swap out and my buddy would go crush -> nuke -> win. They all the high schoolers would complain because even though they did get schooled by a girl, she is still a fat lesbian etc etc.

    Very sad times.

  4. I’ve played with chicks before & they usually get flamed, hit on, told to (insert standard Tosh.0 insult here) almost instantly. They usually are cool about it and it’ll die down after a while, but if you’re looking for comedy, play with a flaming gay dude.

    My old roommate used to get on the mic while I played & shit-talk every redneck player that came on and called him a fag. It got the point where he would cloud basically get every person who started talking shit, to be completely silent by the end of the match.

    I rememeber one time he told a some dude to adjust the antenna on his trailer cause he had a terrible connection. Guaranteed comedy.

  5. One time I played modern warfare 2 on ps3 against a woman that had to be at least 40 from the way she sounded. She was actually pretty good.

  6. I am a female gamer close to 40. The douchey behavior of most guys in game is so god-awful and offensive I wonder how they function in the real world. I avoid most chat/headset situations because it really ruins the game for me. My husband and I both play an MMORPG, and I find it interesting that in spite of my higher skill level and better equipment, he can frequently get pick up raids after I am told they are “full”… even though we play the same character class.

    And forget grouping as a female tank, no one will listen to you or take you seriously. I once had my 2nd tank charge an over-leveled mob after I told him not to. The idiot pulled them all to our group while I was fighting something else. We wiped, *I* got the blame and he was moved up to 1st tank. I stopped trying to get pick up groups after that, which has really made playing the game a far less rich experience.

  7. @evilcupcakes

    Damn, that sucks. Sounds like you need someone who will vouch for you so you can into the group. I was skeptical when my brother & his friends wanted to invite some chick into our MW2 game, but quickly realized how wrong I was to rush to judgement when she started tearing it up.

    Sadly, I’m guilty of talking shit to female gamers, but I only do it when they talk about stuff that has NOTHING to do with the game. After 1-2 matches of hearing the word “like” 50 times, rapid fire, that shit takes a tole on you.

  8. I have heard some female gamers on l4d and the like, and some are actually alright. However, this does not shed light on the fact that some female gamers can be douches too. Many times, simply because they are girls, they feel entitled to better treatment. And that pisses me off. Everyone gets treated equally. In l4d, if everyone is moving as a group and you run off like an idiot and get yourself torn apart, guaranteed you are gonna get shit. Doesn’t matter who you are.

    Also, when they act like they are goddesses simply because they are female and play games, that is annoying as all hell. So I tell them to shut up, just like I tell guys who act like they are the shit.

    In short, I give everyone the same crap if they act like a jerk, no matter who they are or what gender they may be.

  9. I agree with Hallo457, there are some female players who take advantage of being a female. Im ok with equality and everything but when you start to posting pictures of yourself ( certain games by valve like l4d allow players to upload sprays in-game) that just too much. Go attention whoring elsewhere…

    Also, how I hate is the opposite effect girls have on male gamers from the image above, they start to freakin worship her. You cant say one god damn insulting thing to her without everyone turning on you.

  10. I agree with Hallo457 as well. I hate when a girl/woman comes into a game and has this attitude of “I know how to use a Maxi-pad AND an xbox-controller. Doesn’t that just shatter your preconceptions of EVERYTHING???? The sad thing though is from what I’ve seen of the average gamer, it probably does…..

  11. @Hallo457

    I agree. I have seen women act like complete morons in game as well, and all I can do is bang my head on my keyboard and wail. They seem to fall into 2 categories 1) “I’m a cute girl! give me stuff!” and 2) “The world owes my vagina something!! Therefore I can bully everyone else and you can’t say jack!”.

    I once had it out with a female guildmate who was acting like a complete Nazi (literally, she was on a racist/homophobic redneck rant of epic proportions). I was surprised how many guys were afraid to speak up other than to say bitchy things like “Oooh, Catfight!”. Fortunately, the guild leader was on and was NOT amused by her behavior. In my mind, I expect everyone to adhere to some basic principles of common decency. Acting like a douche doesn’t make you “one of the guys”, it just makes you a douche with boobs.

    I don’t play to impress guys or shatter their preconceptions, I play because I enjoy it… and I like killing things with big swords and hoards or undead 😀

  12. This is why I don’t talk.
    People think I am an asshole, but I would rather be the uncommunicative dick then put up this this stuff.

  13. Yeah, that’s why I don’t talk unless I only have friends in my party. I talk the same way as all of my male friends and I’m the only one called a bitch. I play a game like Battlefield well and suddenly I’m a cunt for killing you or I have to be cheating.

    Stop using the same old insults and my vagina as a scapegoat for your insecurities about getting beat by a girl.

    Oh, and most guys can be fucking divas too. There are a lot of cocky fuckers online, and chicks certainly aren’t the majority.

  14. I’m a girl and I get the same crap as other girls get on here, people getting angry for being beat by a girl and the like. I can get competitive too (especially in Soul Calibur 4: I HATE losing in that game) However, I don’t smack talk people, tea bag or do other things to provoke a response. So I don’t understand why I’m constantly subjected to it ><

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