Vader’s Big Reveal in 20 Different Languages

WARNING: SPOILERS FOR STAR WARS: THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK FOLLOW. Sorry, you can’t be too careful in the era of Game of Thrones.

Anyway, someone went through and found all the multi-language versions of Vader telling Luke the big bad news at the end of Empire, and put all 20 of them together in a video. We always think of James Earl Jones as the iconic voice of Vader, but we forget that isn’t the case in dozens of countries around the world where other voice actors were use. This video gives them all their due, and you know, most do a pretty damn good job of it.

Check out the video above. Let’s also do this for when Vader screams “NOOOOO!” in Revenge of the Jedi, okay? There have to be at least a few variants of that.

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  1. The Hebrew one is absolutely incorrect, and probably someone trolling:
    1. He says “Who am I? Who are you?”
    2. The sound belongs to a famous Israeli radio broadcaster, and was probably ripped from one of his shows. It has nothing to do with movies and/or Star Wars.
    3. Foregin movies in Israel are never dubbed. They are subtitled.

    This is obviously someone trolling for fun and profit.

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