Movie Recommendation of the Week: 50/50

I should probably write an entire article about how pissed off I am that the movie 50/50 got snubbed by the academy for best picture.   I think it’s because a movie like Bridesmaids somehow snuck in there.   I mean Bridesmaids was OK but best picture?  Really?   I personally think the move about 50/50 was 100% more of a PR play because the movie centers on cancer while trying to make light of the disease.  The academy realized that the movie could offend some people and they simply avoided the issue.

What the academy failed to acknowledge is that the movie is extremely realistic (based on a true story) and probably hits home to cancer patients more so than any movie centered on the subject.   In case you guys haven’t seen it.   Again, 50/50 is inspired by a true story and is a pseudo comedy centered on a 27-year-old guy who learns of his cancer diagnosis, and his subsequent struggle to beat the disease.

Along the way he tries to find comedy in the disease, gain sympathy sex out of it, but also struggles with his identity, passions, a cheating girlfriend, and new love interest, as well as wavering relationship with his best friend.

And of course the movie gets serious.   It’s a great great film with fantastic performances by Joseph Gordon Levitt and Seth Rogen.   Again, shame on you academy for taking the easy route and avoiding controversy.

A trailer for the movie is after the jump….


I highly recommend this movie.

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  1. Just watched this a couple of nights ago. What a fantastic film. JGL is one of my favorite actors, and that car scene literally gave me goosebumps (and tears).

  2. Completely agree with Laura.

    Amazing little film, with masterful performance by JGL. Pretty soon that guy will win an Oscar.

    I can’t believe when was the last time i cheered for characters in a movie, but 50/50 made me do that.

    Last scenes are really powerful.

    And movie itself has really funny moments.

  3. Ok, I agree that this movie was fantastic and deserved much more recognition from the academy BUT bridesmaids was not nominated for best picture, it was nominated for best original screenplay, which 50/50 was nominated for as well, and best supporting actress, but it was NOT nominated for best picture. The real snub was Joseph Gordon Leavitt not being nominated for best actor. The movie was very good, but a little uneven to be a true best picture nominee, but JGL was undeniably brilliant throughout. He was the big snub not the movie necessarily.

  4. The film not only accurately portrays how a cancer patient feels, but also does a great job at showing how their friends and family would react in the same situation. Whether its guilt, anger or sorrow, I’m sure everyone would be able to relate.

  5. I’m a non-cryer where my best-friend cries at everything…and both of us had red eyes and wet sleeves by the end of this one.

    She because of the sad parts….me because of how sad that dog looked all the time…I love that dog…

  6. I was hesistant to watch this, because of the subject matter and not being in the mood to (potentially) be sad, but the girlfriend insisted. I thought it was great. It felt realistic, from the JGL’s protrayal to the semi-selfishness of his friends and family. Its a bit melancholy but its also uplifting and hopeful. I really liked it and was glad she made me watch it.

    Also, I agree with Cheryl about Skeletor.

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