“That Guy” Actor of the Week: Larry B. Scott

Larry Scott

It wasn’t Revenge of the Nerds I was watching.  Nor was it Iron Eagle that caught my attention.  But it was a rogue member of the Cobra Kai dojo that reminded me to put Larry B. Scott on this website as this week’s “That Guy” actor of the week.    Yes that’s right the man you’ve so admirably loved as Lamar was in The Karate Kid.

You may not have seen Larry for quite some time but need I remind you guys how awesome he was in the 80s? Not only was he in the movies I just mentioned but the guy was also in Space Camp and Another Stakeout!

Currently he’s operating an acting studio called “Whatever it Takes.”  I’m not sure what it takes for Larry to land a role in this decade but I would imagine a lot.

For Larry’s best work check out the video below…..

Limp wristed throwing style.   Amazing.

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  1. I think you need to do a “That girl” post.

    Specifically for this … woman… hanging off of him.

    O nice new page layout. Classy. Ill have to get use to it.

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