Vadering: The Latest Trend Everywhere Else

Vadering 6

Well, an hour ago I introduced you to Dragonball Z-ing, the hot new trend among Japanese schoolgirls that has them posing like they just launched spirit bombs at one another.

Turns out the rest of the world wants in on the fun and has created their own new jumping-related photo meme that’s spreading rather quickly.

It’s called “Vadering” and it’s exactly what it sounds like. A big jump and a well timed camera shot gives the illusion of a powerful force choke. The effect is rather awesome when you get it right, which these people have in the gallery below.

Vadering 10

Vadering 9

Vadering 8

Vadering 7

Vadering 4

Vadering 3

Vadering 1

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  1. I’m not denying Bill Murray’s greatness so much as I think the movement to immortalize him is pretty stupid. He’s great, and he’s been great long before lost in translation kiddos, I don’t need a hipster or douche in a chive tshirt to tell me so.

  2. @Michael
    Nothing was said about Lost in Translation or his recent string of indie movies (some good, some terrible. Yes, I’m talking to you Wes Anderson). We need to immortalize the guy because he helped define comedy in the 80’s and early 90’s, the guy will show up to random peoples parties to hang out, he played FDR because he could and he did this:

    Simply amazing.

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