That Guy Actor of the Week: Edward Hermann

I first saw Edward Hermann in the movie Overboard as a rich snob who played husband to Goldie Hawn.   I was amazed at how much I couldn’t stand him but knew that he was a memorable face.  Of course you guys might remember Edward in the movie The Lost Boys where he played the head Vampire.

All tolled, Hermann has 118 credits on IMDB so the guy definitely deserves a spot on our website.   For the last 5 years or so Hermann’s mostly appeared in TV movies as well as bit parts on television shows.

But here’s to remembering his work in the 80s.  Edward, you rocked back then.  A clip of Hermann after the jump….


The head Vampire Test!

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  1. he also does a tremendous amount of voice over work. In fact, every July 4th, I leave the History Channel’s Revolutionary War series on the tv. His voice is soothing.

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