Infographic: The Deadliest Marvel Superheroes


Via Geektyrant:  We often think of superheroes as the kinds of characters who have a line-in-the-sand approach to killing, but the Marvel heroes have always been a little edgier than their DC counterparts in this area. That’s not to say that these characters go around indiscriminately slaughtering innocent people or anything, but sometimes the drama that comes from accidentally taking a life (or taking one on purpose after making a tough decision) can provide for excellent storytelling fodder for the weeks, months, or years that follow. The people at MorphSuits have created an infographic of the murderers of the Marvel universe, and looking this over, I was surprised to see some of the statistics here on some of these characters. The people with the most kills aren’t that surprising, but there were a few that caused me to raise my eyebrow.

What do you think?

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  1. Deadpool’s count is wrong. Count how many characters there are in the Marvel universe. That’s how many characters he’s killed, as chronicled in “Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe” four-part mini-series.

    1. a. non-canon (not 616 universe)

      b. implying that “x kills marvel universe” doesnt exist with other heroes

      but most surprising is that punisher is not #1 on this list

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