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Recently I got around to watching the first “first-person perspective” movie to hit Hollywood – Hardcore Henry, and boy did I enjoy it. If you’re not familiar with the film, it recently hit cinemas (and you should be able to go see it right now) and is entirely shot from the “eyes” of the protagonist. It really did make you feel utterly involved, with the action, explosions and intense moments impacting ten-fold.

In the past, I have always found a love for those action movies that stand out, the ones that reign supreme and fresh in your mind long after you’ve seen them. I was talking to my friend about this very thing and he asked me what I could recommend to him, something that he really wouldn’t have seen before. Of course, I highly suggested he watched Hardcore Henry as it had checked all the boxes, I went on to also suggest he watch Crank 1+2.

Crank and Crank 2 (I recommend you only watch the second trailer if you don’t mind spoilers) are surreal, nearly two-hour long, Jason Statham beat ’em ups. With ridiculous storylines, ridiculous fight scenes and quite ridiculous hilarity, they really don’t come short of being up there with the best of their kind. In short – man poisoned, man needs to fix this, man gets revenge along the way, man dies?


Moving on, one of my biggest passions in life is the comic book franchise 2000AD. The great British writers and artists that brought us Judge Dredd and so much more, have seen some of their awesomely unique work be developed into series and film, one of those films being Dredd. Not to be confused with the horrifically butchered abomination that is the 1995 Judge Dredd with Sylvestor Stallone, Dredd, starring 2000AD fan himself Karl Urban, hit our theatres in 2012 where it did not fare so well. The eventual success did not come until the movie’s DVD release which had a gargantuan amount of sales globally, seeing it to becoming a cult hit. Not so totally surreal on the constant action like the aforementioned films, but full of blood pumping thrills nonetheless – a tale of a man who has the power of a judge, a jury and an executioner with no hesitance in letting you know just how he feels about your insolence.


I could go on about these greats all day long, but I’m sure you got some movies to watch now. Enjoy!

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