Superhero Posters for the Coming Years

It’s no secret that Hollywood sort of sucks at making movie posters these days. What used to be hand drawn works of art are now a combination of giant floating celebrity heads and hasty photoshop.

Thankfully, the fans have stepped up in recent years to give us posters that are better than their official counterparts. Today we have Ryan Luckoo who has crafted designs for all the ¬†big superhero films of next year, The Dark Knight Rises, The Avengers and The Amazing Spider-Man. They’re all in a similar style, and personally? I think they’re fantastic.

Check out the other two below. Is he legally allowed to sell prints of these? Because if so, I would buy them.

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  1. I would really be stoked if I saw a movie poster like this. I would say that the movie would be really good because they wouldn’t be making it for the masses, but instead making it about quality content. These things really matter to me! These posters are so awesome!

  2. TDKR = VERY cool

    Avengers = interesting and visually arresting, but why do the heads look like they’re speeding like Tron cycles?

    Spiderman = lazy

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