Sam Spratt’s Katniss

Sam Spratt is another one of those artists we  just keep coming back to, and this week he’s turned his attention to the phenomenon du jour, The Hunger Games.

I liked the film, but I thought Katniss was it’s weakest link. I don’t mind Jennifer Lawrence, but I do believe that this vision is more what I imagined. Not  necessarily the blood and bruises, but the emotion. It’s strange that a 2D image can convey more feeling than Lawrence’s entire performance onscreen.  Am I wrong?

Check out more of Spratt’s work on his site here.

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  1. Honestly, Katniss was the least interesting part of the books too. ESPECIALLY Mockingjay, where here whole purpose appears to be getting other people killed.

  2. Well I believe her performance was amazing… don’t get me wrong I agree with you.. but Katniss herself doesn’t convey much emotion throughout the entire series

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