Some of the Most Memorable Hairstyles in Movies

Movie Haircuts

Look, there are tons of movies out there that feature dyed hair, or punk rock hair.  Hell we’ve seen millions of movies that feature an afro or a mohawk.  But do you really remember those specific characters?  Not necessarily.  I mean yeah, it’s pretty money that Bill Paxton had a whacked out ‘doo in The Terminator but it’s not like his hairstyle was talked about afterwards.

However, in some movies you definitely walk out of there thinking, “now that was a pretty memorable hairstyle.”  So I tried to comb through history to find some of the most unforgettable hairstyles in movies.

Am I missing some?  Of course.  I’m sure I left out a ton so comment on and completely dog this article.  And if you criticize this list one of two things will happen.  One, your comment will get deleted or 2:   You will get an invitation to write an article on this site in which case we will criticize the hell out of you for leaving something out.

Ricky Vaughn

Movie Haircuts

Wild thing!  No one can forget the back of his head in this flick.  It’s awesome.

Simon Pheonix

Movie Haircuts

When I first thought of this it seemed dumb.  I mean it’s just blond hair right?  Yeah but when you say the name Simon Phoenix, everyone knows it’s badass Wesley Snipes in Demolition Man.


Movie Haircuts

You have a vision.  Let me show you mine!

Summer of Sam – Richie

Movie Haircuts

Brody was just a whacko character in this movie, sporting multiple haircuts.

Pippi Longstocking

Movie Haircuts

She’s coming into your world.

Young Albert Einstein

Movie Haircuts

And whenever some mentions that name, how do you not think of that hair?

Matrix Reloaded – Albino Dreadlock Twins

Movie Haircuts

Cruella Deville – 101 Dalmations

Movie Haircuts

You gotta love the skunk style.

Marge Simpson

Movie Haircuts

Does anyone really have blue hair?  Marge rules.

Taxi Driver

Movie Haircuts

Best Mohawk of all time.

Johnny Suede

Movie Haircuts

Lots of spray in there.

Princess Leia

Movie Haircuts

Most well known future hairstyle ever.

Bride of Frankenstein


Honorable mention:  Ruby Rhod in 5th Element, Mr. T in anything, Gary Oldman in Dracula,  Kid and Play, Princess Leia

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  1. You are totally forgetting Jon Cryer in Hiding Out. When I was in the fourth grade, I would have killed either one or both of my parents for that haircut.

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