Unreality Reader Superstar Cosplayers Head to E3

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It always warms my heart to see readers send in their own costumes and creations to Unreality in the hopes we recognize them for being awesome. A past participant in this photo exchange program is back, and reader David, and more specifically his girlfriend, who has stepped up her game for E3. They previously brought us Hook, Mario and Mortal Kombat costumes, but what’s a cute Asian girl to do at E3? Why, dress up as absolutely anything of course.

And so she picked a classic role, Street Fighter’s Chun-Li. Her costume made such an impression that the Street Fighter X Tekken team invited her to hang around their display for as often as possible. David himself didn’t join her as Ryu or Ken or anything of that nature, but he was around to snap a few more pictures.

Check them out below, and remember, as always if you ever have any awesome cosplaying pics yourself, feel free to send them over to paul@unrealitymag.com and I might feature them here.

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