Unforgiven: The Japanese are Remaking Our Movies Now? Is That Allowed?

Well damn, I’m so used to the US remaking foreign movies all the time, I didn’t realize that other countries ever actually did it to us. It appears the Japanese think that Clint Eastwood’s starring/directing vehicle Unforgiven would work great in old-school Japan, and Ken Watanabe is a good stand-in for Eastwood himself.

The first trailer for the movie is above, and though I can’t find a version with subtitles, if you’ve seen the film, you get the gist of it. Badass is called out of retirement to do badass things.

Watanabe is awesome, and I look forward to watching a foreign remake of an American film for a change.

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  1. Well yeah, why not? I’d love to see a foreign remake of Nolan’s Batman Begins, or Memento. Or a foreign remake of The Terminator. Or any movie. And then to take those remakes and then for Merica to make a remake of those remakes. It just makes sense.

  2. Zhang Yimou remade the Coen Brothers’ Blood Simple, and there is an anime remake of The Highlander that kicks all sorts of ass. I heard they did a Paranormal Activity over there as well so it’s not unprecedented.

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