10 Hilarious Abridged Movie Scripts


Note: This post is a classic from 2009, but I just spent some time in the hospital last night and I couldn’t write enough for today. Check out The Editing Room listed below for more recent funny abridged scripts. I really do love these.

Yes, I have a post for you that requires not looking at pretty pictures or funny videos, but copious amounts of READING. Deal with it. I promise it’s worth your while.

I recently stumbled upon this thoroughly awesome site called The Editing Room, where a very talented dude named Rod rewrites movie scripts in short, abridged and hilarious format. I read his Wolverine rewrite, then immediately sat down and read about 20 others.

Below I’ve collected picture links to ones I thought were some of the best. I picked all movies I thought were sh*tty because those are more fun to read.

I haven’t laughed this hard in a while, and you’ll be addicted, I promise. Click on the screenshot to read the rest of that script.

1) X-Men Origins: Wolverine


2) Gran Torino


3) Twilight


4) The Incredible Hulk


5) Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull


6) Jumper


7) I Am Legend


8) Live Free or Die Hard


9) Halloween


10) Ghost Rider


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  1. I spent an entire day digging thru the archives of the Editing room site to read about the better versions of movie I hate,
    now I have arrived at a point where I watch movies for the sole reason I could read appreciate the funnier version on editing room.

  2. What is the Ed Norton story with the Incredible Hulk. From what I read it really seemed like the studio, not Norton, was in the wrong. Is there something I’m missing? Please don’t let one of my favorite actors be a dick.

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