Aliens vs. Empire

You know what’s funny? I’m actually going to choose to ignore Prometheus and consider Aliens vs. Predator canon for the series instead. I much prefer the idea that the Predators  made the Aliens in order to hunt something badass over proto-humans with black goo.

But what if that wasn’t the whole story? What if after the events of all those movies, the aliens spread to a new galaxy? One far, far away perhaps? Well, we might have something like this scene from artist Robert Shane. He’s done a series of Aliens vs. Empire drawings, the first of which is above while the other two are below.

I love the Stormtrooper massacre, but Darths Vader and Maul will probably stand a better chance. See for yourself:

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  1. The Storm Troopers are screwed… then again, they’ve always been screwed. They were defeated by Ewoks, for god’s sake.

    The Sith Lords, however, stand a good chance IF (and this is a big IF) they stay far away. The image of Darth Maul is pretty much the end for him. Being that closely surrounded by aliens would mean he gives up and lets them eat him, or he starts slashing away with the lightsaber and gets bathed in alien blood (which any fan knows would equal death, as well).

    From a distance, however (which a Sith can easily keep by using Force Push, sending all these warrior aliens flying off) the Sith Lords can use Force Lightning, hurl objects to kill the enemy, and even boomerang their sabers to slice away.

    PS: You never see blood when someone is killed by a lightsaber. I’ve always figured its because as the saber cuts, the fact that it burns also seals the wound. If the same can work with a Xenomorph’s anatomy, perhaps Darth Maul CAN simply slice away and come out unscathed. Hmm. Either way the Sith win by a long shot!

  2. I dont think it was ever suggested in AvP that the Preds created the aliens was it?

    I alway took it that the Preds simply discovered them & started to use them- which is how the comics always told it.

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