Too. Many. Pokemon.

What you see above is a tiny slice of a picture that features all 156 new species of Pokemon from the new Black and White games, and I think it’s safe to say Nintendo’s idea tank has officially run dry. Give me three days and a notepad, and I could have come up with 95% of these.

A few examples from above:

Top row right: Cloud evolves into Ice Cloud evolves into..DOUBLE ICE CLOUD!

Second row left: Baby deer evolves into big deer plus…FIRE.

Third row: Spiky Koffing evolves into…SPIKY KOFFING PLUS LITTLE SPIKY KOFFINGS!

Fourth row: Doublegearmon evolves into Triplegearmon evolves into…QUADRUPLEGEARMON!

And that’s only this page, the rest of it ain’t any better. The new, ill-conceived species, and pine for the glory days of a mere 150.

[via Geekologie]

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  1. First post: MildlyInterested evolves into Ambivalence evolves into….Apathy!

    Thanks for making way too many of these, Nintendo. You totally lost any interest I had.

  2. What about the 3rd one on the first chart.

    I have a feeling his power is just Duck… His name is probably quack-a- duck…

    Im convinced that Pokemon is reverting back to barn yard animals.

  3. seriously what the hell nintendo? I remember when it was “cool” to know all 151, now if you know all 600+, you probably had to forget some important details of your life! Plus at this many, there are a ton of “copies” (such as your spiky koffing) with little minor differences, making the current state of pokemon extremely unbalanced. whats wrong with releasing a cool 25, super-game-changing (such as rotom or skarmory) pokemon every new game. I have no issue with that.

  4. First of all, it’s not fire on the big bambi, they’re flowers. Flowers?! Fire would’ve been much better, but they are most definitely flowers. Also, it’s not a cloud. It’s an ice cream cone. A freaking ice cream cone!!! From a glob, to one scoop, to two scoops with a flippin’ straw in its head. And you forgot to mention the sack of garbage. Yes, a damn sack of damn garbage. “Screw Pikachu! I wanna catch me a sack of garbage!”

  5. Nintendo’s tank has run dry? Pokémon Black and White received a 40/40 rating from Famitsu Magazine. Less than 20 games have received a rating like that from Famitsu. Pokémon Black and White sold 1.6 million copies before it was even released making it the highest-selling video game on the Nintendo DS system.

    Clearly, the design of the new Pokémon hasn’t changed people’s minds.

  6. First of all, it’s a an ice cream that turns into a bigger ice cream then a double ice cream… This article’s stupid though.

    This is probably the most creative nintendo’s been with pokemon since the original Gold & Silver. In fact, it feels more like the old days than anything.

    If this was the first generation of Pokemon, nobody would have anything bad to say about them. This just proves how biased and unwilling people are to change.

    K BAI

  7. Okay. While I can admit some of the new Pokémon are a bit… Eh, some of the original 151 weren’t all that amazing either. You mean to tell me that an ice cream cone Pokémon is worse design-wise than a pile of sludge? That one bat is worse tan a skinnier bat? That Pokéball mushrooms are worse than… Wait for it… Pokéballs with eyes? Grow up. Every generation has its ups and downs. Quit being so butthurt because of your Genwunner rage. I’m out.

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