Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege Review

While playing Siege, one develops paradoxical views: the moment-to-moment intensity of the game is extraordinary because even the walls and floors won’t protect you. But, when one compares Siege with other 2015 games like Evolve and Star Wars Battlefront, one admits that the up-gradation is not as potent as it should be.

The game is not appreciated by many players because of its lack of planning which makes it more like an action play rather than strategically planned combat. But, the use of tactics is not altogether denied; you will find the need to delve on some tactics in the minute-by-minute gameplay. One can argue that the game is more like a counter strike. You may also find the lack of single player content overwhelming, and at the same time, you may find the imagery disappointing because of the square shaped architecture and the monotonous furniture.


I am going to justify the lack of tactics involved in this game and the lack of any initial planning because it makes the game more suspense-oriented. You just need to delve on your own and check how far you can go without planning. Playing Siege this way is like watching a thriller movie. Exactly like Counter Strike, Rainbow Six challenges your abilities in a profound and subtle way. You need to show much of your skills, snap reactions, strategy to move and adaptability. One mistake and you are out of the play.

Siege has lots of tutorial missions which introduce you to the gameplay concepts as you play on, and which is quite surprising. But, if you like more the set-play and stories and have no interest in online competitive fighting, then Siege is not the game you are looking for.


The overall graphics of the game aren’t heart touching or of knockout beauty. But, still, you would find many things in the game – in graphics orientation – interesting. The destruction, gunfire, and the explosion details are so amusing as the chunks of everything keep flying, scattered in the air when you shoot. In the same way when you kill someone, the blood fountain and its splatter on the wall are amusing.

In other respects, Siege is stunningly exciting. If you play the tutorial missions, you can directly access the Terrorist Hunt – a most liked model of the current generation. With four companions you can hunt terrorists like a die hard.

You have a limited health and only one life which makes you play the game slowly and decisively, keeping track of all things with conscious effort. There are different operatives in the game with multiple load outs, and each will require a different strategy and as you play on, you will recognize various operatives and will be able to combine your forces with your playmates effectively.

The real feature of the Siege is a multiplayer competitive mode which is also little tough. It is difficult because it requires some real teamwork. Synchronized assaults are very few, and it is common to see players making blunder after blunder and the team-kills are usual.

Another most interesting thing about siege is a team fighting against team – it is real fun. Sometimes when only a single man is standing against two or more foes, the complexity of the situation raises manifold. At the same time, the limited health of all members can lead to the reduction of your team, making the game even more unpredictable.

To play this game best, you need to focus on the teamwork. Sometimes one player would have to sacrifice for good. At other times players will have a better hiding spot and better adaptability and in these cases, any blunder or thoughtless move will do the harm.

In short, the best option to enjoy this game is to stick to it. Most players toss a game off before even they have started it, for one reason or the other. You just need to focus on the teamwork and everything will be okay. If you are looking for some inspiration to keep playing games, then try exploring multiple T-shirts with amazing games logos on SunFrog.

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