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Welcome to the first edition of This Week in Movie Trailers! We all like movies here so I thought it would be a good idea to do a weekly round-up of all the new trailers! What a way to kick off Fall!?

Woa, look at all the new trailers released this week! I know there will be weeks with little to no trailers (a trailer barren if you will) where we will be thinking “Remember that week when we had too many trailers? Those were good times!” And nostalgia will hit us like a freight train and say that we will never take trailer Fridays for granted ever again. However, as of right now, we are all like “Too many!”

Regardless, let’s get to it! There are some pretty good ones below!


You know, I get remakes. It’s usually an easy way to make money for studios and people are already familiar with the intellectual property so marketing doesn’t have to be as complicated. Movies are in the business of making money and I understand that. Plus, they can be good! Sometimes? I’m not too sure about this remake, though. I mean, I love Joel Kinnaman (he was the best part about The Killing; please get a season 4!) and I was a fan of the original, but something seems too generic about the trailer? But who knows, it could be very fun, which is what movies are all about, right? I’ll wait for the reviews, though.


Hoooly ahaha! Maybe they showed off the funniest bits of the movie in this trailer? Whatever the case, this movie looks hilarious. Zach Efron seems like a guy that would do very well in “R” comedies. And with Seth Rogan on top of that? Sounds good to me. Will see this. Next!

Man of Tai Chi

There was a teaser released earlier this year (because it was already released in China), but I believe this is the first official American trailer for the film so I thought I would add it to the list? Anyway! Hmm, I’m not sure how I feel about this movie? It looks like one of those films that could be very good or very bad, but I will sway more to the former. I like Keannu Reeves and I think he has way more to offer than people expect. He also directed this movie, so good for him!? Not sure if I will go see this in theatres, but I do want to check this out. Tai Chi looks dangerous.

Ass Backwards 

Haha, what? Maybe not for me? But also official selection of Sundance? (I never got around to finding out found out how prestigious that title really is)

The Wicker Man (Theatrical Re-release)

I would recommend to people who haven’t previously watched this movie not to view this trailer because there are actually some pretty big spoilers in it.

When I found out this movie was being re-released in theatres with new footage for the North American audience, I was very excited. This is one of my favorite horror classics, and if you haven’t seen it, now’s your chance to see it in theatres (I’m jealous)! It may be from the 70s but it has aged very well and it’s an extremely creepy film with plenty of creepy songs and … well everything!  It also started my fear of wicker baskets.

The Summit

My father has been very much into mountain climbing and hiking all his life, so I am aware of just how dangerous it is. One wrong move can be deadly! So, I guess they are using real footage and re-enactments?  Anyway, this documentary looks terrifying and intense and I will definitely be checking it out; probably with my Dad.

Kill Your Darlings

“We need to get rid of him.” Cue Dexter in the next frame! Haha. Ok, I’m not really sure what’s going on in this trailer story-wise, but people seem excited about it on the Internet. It looks interesting, I guess! And I think Daniel Radcliffe is pretty great.  I probably will be seeing this in theatres; maybe, possibly will. Perchance.

Sound off below and tell us what movies you’re looking forward based on these trailers and what you think about the new This Week in Movie Trailers! feature!

– Lyle


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  1. Man of Tai Chi looks interesting. I’m a sucker for a good martial arts movie.

    This is a great idea; I’m going to be looking forward to these posts every Friday.

    FYI, the youtube link for the last trailer is broken.

    Also a stylistic thing: you use a lot of exclamation points. I’m only speaking for myself here, but they can be pretty distracting. I mean, 3 of your first 4 sentences end with one.

  2. Really? Well I’m just very excited about movie trailers, I guess! Every time I used them, I actually mean it. Noted for next time, though. Thanks.

    Broken link? You mean the Kill Your Darlings one? If so, that works for me.

  3. I think the Robocop could be great. The original was brilliant, and the sequels were shit, so there’s a lot riding on this.
    They managed to get his voice pretty much right, but I’m slightly concerned over the amount of face-time he’s going to get. In this case, I think less is more.
    Though Samuel L Jackson is a downer for me. He always plays the same abrasive character who swears and shouts a lot.
    Oh well. Fingers crossed!

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