A Back to the Camera Compilation

It’s rare that I’ll describe a video I’m featuring here as “beautiful,” but there’s simply no other word for it today. Master clip-finder Zach Prewitt has concocted a truly amazing amalgam of every “back to the camera” shot he could find in dozens and dozens of movies.

The song play is “God Moving Over the Face of the Waters” by Moby, and the scenes shown have a similarly transcendent feeling to them. It’s cool to recognize as many as you can, and remember how many awesome moments in various movies took place with this kind of shot.

Fight Club, Carrie, The Matrix, 300, Vanilla Sky, The Shining, and many, many more all make an appearance  I recommend you watch on full screen with the volume up. It just might make your whole day a little better.


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  1. he has some really cool stuff…always one or two that he missed but you cant hold it against him when you figure how many he puts in these…gotta love a good movie

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