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This past weekend I went, I saw and I loved Gone Girl. It was absolutely one heck of a thrill to watch and it truly kept me guessing the entire time. I was constantly coming up with my own theories as to how all the events would unfold. I was also consistently wrong with most of them.

What other movies have you guys seen lately that you would suggest I go check out? I hear the Judge is better than the critics are saying about it …

Let’s do this.


By The Gun 

Hate to say it but we’ve all seen this kind of film played out by now right? Just because you’re using the mob as another angle it still looks to be about the same idea. (Will I see this? – rental)


The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 (Return to District 12 trailer)

I wanted to throw this one in because it does a great job at setting up two great scenes – the one with Katniss looking out at District 12 and the other when she finds the rose. (Will I see this? – yes)



This looks a lot better than I was anticipating. It also looks as if it might be a little too drawn out and slightly hard to watch. Kudos to Dame Angelina Jolie on what appears to be Oscar worthy stuff. (Will I see this? – maybe)


In the Heart of the Sea

The true story of Moby Dick. I’m pumped that Ron Howard is doing another epic. He also seems to have a crush on Thor. What’s odd though is that this is trying to depict a whale as if it’s “scary” which really doesn’t work to me…? (Will I see this? – yes)


Dying of the Light
If this actually makes it to wide release in the theaters, I doubt anyone will see it. It all seems very blah … I’m saddened that Anton Yelchin took part. (Will I see this? – nope)


Whiplash (UK trailer)

I’m hearing nothing but staggering positive reviews so I thought I’d throw this one in here. An Oscar contender for sure, this trailer looks far more intense than the previous one I had use a while back. Thoughts anyone?  (Will I see this? – yes)


Foxcatcher (official trailer)

I’m just dishing out Oscar contenders left and right today! This is probably my most anticipated movie of all year surprisingly enough. The transformation of Steve Carrell is phenomenal. Not to mention Channing looks to be bringing the heat too. Count me in for this tragic story!  (Will I see this? – yes)


The Lookalike

Interesting how Justin Long keeps making these odd movie choices. Did he fall out of good graces with the big name directors out there? (Will I see this? – nope)


A Merry Friggin Christmas

Makes me sad to think that this is how we will last see Robin Williams. Unless he has some other magical marvel that is being held on to for a release in the future. (let’s all cross our fingers for that) (Will I see this? – rental)


The Taking of Deborah Logan (red band trailer)

This lady is creepy as sh*t! I love scary movies, I really do. I know my trailer comments make it seem like I don’t. (Will I see this? – rental)


Sex Ed

Poor Haley Joel Osment – the guy’s face never grew up. Seriously, his body looks like that of a 28-30 year old dude but with a face of a 10 year old little boy. All that aside, I think this looks like it might be funnier than I expected.  (Will I see this? – maybe)


With it being close to Halloween – I thought that we might have more horror trailers to show. Sadly that was not the case this week.

What do you guys think about this week’s trailers? Any of them peak your interest? Sound off in the comments below. Yeah, I actually want to hear from you. Any trailers I might’ve missed? Take care and enjoy your movie filled weekend!


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  1. Seriously good movies coming up. I’m surprised by the early reviews for The Judge, the trailer had me really interested. Unbroken looks surprisingly good, and I’m excited as always for a big film to shoot in my home country. Dying of the Light has had some interesting controversy, so I am intrigued. The filmmakers and actors publicly (and cleverly) slamming it makes me wonder what the end result is compared to their vision. Moby Dick/HotS trailer didn’t do much for me, but Ron knows what he’s doing, so it’s a maybe for me. And Foxcatcher…hell yes :p

    1. Foxcatcher … can’t wait for this! Just looks so chillingly great! (let’s hope I don’t get let down) … by the way FURY came out today and the reviews have been smashing for it – which I’m surprised considering that there really wasn’t a ton of buzz before it’s release.

      1. Man I tried to get tickets to both of these at the London Film Fest this week. Both well and truly sold out, so I’ll be waiting for the local releases. Super keen!

      1. It’s a quiet, dark, slightly twisted bit of drama that I’m pretty sure still qualifies as one of my top… something, movies of the past decade. Whatever your friends said, ignore it and add it to your netflix queue or something.

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