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Welcome to the first 2014 edition of This Week in Movie Trailers! Happy New Year! Woo! I hope everyone had an amazing 2013, full of a twerking and pizza!

Anyway, there were SO many movies I wanted to see in 2013 that I wasn’t able to catch because of one reason or another; some of which I know would have been amazing. This is probably the biggest reason why I didn’t make a top 10 list since I knew it wouldn’t be entirely accurate. But this is now 2014, so let’s move on!

With a new year comes a new anticipation for films. 2014 seems to be a slow year as far as blockbusters go, but I am comparing this year to 2015, which is incredibly saturated with them. But there are still so many movies to see!  That being said, this week is pretty slow for trailers–understandably so.

Let’s get right to it! 2014!

Dead Snow: Red vs. Dead

Well, OK! I haven’t seen the first one, but I might if this ends up being all right. I’m a fan of most zombies movies, but they really don’t scare me in the least; except of course 28 Days/Weeks Later. Man, those films got to me.  I’m sure this is a fun film for a lot of people, but usually hokey stuff like this are always a hit and miss.

The Raid 2: Berandal

This is the 2nd full trailer to the sequel of one of my favorite action movies of all time. Please, do yourself a favor and watch the first one! The international trailer of Raid 2 gives us a bit more on the storyline and a really funny encounter at the end. That being said, I will watch this crazy movie and I will enjoy the hell out of it.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Yeah, I know this is cheating, but it’s New Year’s themed! Anyway, I really don’t know about this film. Most of the special effects so far looks like I’m watching a video game cut-scene, which really takes you out of the immersion.  I’ll watch it for sure, but I really have no expectations for it.


Hey, Johnny Depp spelled “there” with a 3! L33t h4x0r! This looks really interesting and will probably be really good. It’s also Wally Pfister’s directorial debut, which is quite impressive with a film like this. I wish him well!

Veronica Mars: The Movie

No real opinion on this one since I never watched show, only that I will give congratulations to its dedicated fan base. Where is my Terriers movie?!

So, what movies are you looking forward to the most in 2014? Sound in below!



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  1. I’m one of those rare few who actually thought THE RAID was a bit bloated. Good fights, sure, but that’s about it. I’m hoping the second one has a bit more depth.

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