That Guy Actor of the Week: Al Leong

You guys are definitely familiar with this guy.   He’s an Asian American actor and stuntman that has picked up a cult fan following based around his numerous appearances in high voltage action flicks from the mid-1980s onwards.

Al Leong nearly always turns up as a bad guy with his lean muscled physique, incredible agility, amazing martial arts skill’s wispy black hair and Fu-Manchu style mustache.

I’m surprised he only has 59 titles to his name but you can be sure he made each one count.  A clip of Leong after the jump….


Here you see him taking on Brandon Lee in Rapid Fire.

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  1. Too funny, just last night we were watching Die Hard and he popped up. My buddy said, “man, that dude was like the Danny Trejo of the 80’s – he was in everything.” Never knew his name.

  2. I use to work at a staples in burbank a few years ago. Al use to come in 3 times a week and i use to make copies of photots of his family. I got to know him pretty well and we became pretty close. great guy

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