This Week In Movie Trailers


Hey guys, happy Friday! Did everyone have a good week? Yes? No? Well regardless, we have some videos to watch!

This Week In Movie Trailers is not as crazy as last week’s, though it does have some pretty good movies to boot! There are isn’t as many, but what it lacks in quantity, it makes up in quality … well for the most part anyway!

So, I guess let’s get right to it and see what’s shakin.


Well, I bet that guy is regretting his great idea of surgically implanting a bunch of god creating drugs in her stomach against her will.  “Hey Boss, you do know if it somehow breaks, we will have a pissed off super hero coming after us?” Anyway, this movie looks fantastic and I will watch this!

Night Moves

Very interesting! I had to Google the film to find out what the plot of the movie was, which didn’t bother me because this is what trailers should be more like; maybe not as subtle as this all the time, but definitely less obvious than they usually are. Anyway, looks like a REALLY good thriller and I can’t wait to check it out if and when I can.

The Drop

RIP Mr. Gandolfini.


I think I talked about this trailer a looooong time ago in one of my first columns. After watching the second trailer, my opinion has not changed whatsoever, which is “Nice try Sandler, but nope.”

Sex Tape

Hey, I’d watch it (not the sex tap, the movie). Seriously though, this movie looks kinda great! Also, wholy crap has Jason Segal lost weight! When did this happen? I don’t think I’ve seen a movie or television show with him in it for at least one or two years! Good for him.

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