This Week in Movie Trailers!


by Lyle Smith

This Week In Movie Trailers time! Already?! Yep, it’s Friday already! Woo!

Everyone doing OK after a long week of studying and/or work? I’m not sure how I would answer that at the moment, but hopefully you guys are doing great. That said, let’s kick winter’s butt, sit back, relax and watch some movie trailers!

So, what’s up for this week’s edition? Well, not much in the “must see” column except for maybe one or two. But hey, at least I have a freshly brewed coffee. Let’s goooo!

The Quiet Ones

It’s been awhile since we saw a trailer for this horror flick, and I will have to say, I am somewhat intrigued about it. The Horror genre are the most often hit or miss category for me since I am a huge, picky fan, but that doesn’t stop me from watching every film I can get a hold of.


I love the found footage dramas when they are done well. This seems to be pretty interesting! Let’s check it out. TOGETHER.

Get On Up

A James Brown biopic. Could be great; could be horrible. I have noooo idea! Next!

Bad Johnson

Haha what in the world? Brilliance!

Hateship Loveship

Looks great, but not for me; though Guy Pierce IS in it. So maybe.


Here’s the first official trailer of Locke (we looked at the teaser a few weeks back) and boy does this trailer have me excited for some reason that I cannot put my finger on. This said, I love trailers like these, in which they keep you guessing. Great job marketing people! I hope you get an Oscar!

Cuban Fury

Hey, look at all these actors that I really like doing a dance themed romantic comedy! I’m not sure what’s entirely going on here because it’s not my thing, but that can change.. right?!

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