This Week In Movie Trailers!


Hey! It’s Friday, so happy This Week In Movie Trailers day!

Is it as cold where you live as it is here? Dear god, my extremities feel like a mobile wind chime. I live in a city where it gets insanely cold during the winter and insanely hot during the summer. Experiencing the former is really getting to me lately, so let’s get these movie releases going! Come on Hollywood!

Speaking of release dates, though, I was actually pretty bummed out to hear that the Man of Steel sequel was delayed by a year. There are some wild rumors hitting the web as well, one of which stated that Affleck was threatening to walk if WB doesn’t get their act together. I hope it works out since I am one of those persons who is really looking forward to see what he brings to the character. I like the dude. Anyway, rumors are rumors and let’s not fret over things that we have no control over!

We do, however, have control over watching movie trailers, so let’s gooo!

The Badadook

I love horror movies, especially smart, psychological monster films like these. This looks terrific and terrifying and I really hope I can get a hold of this movie somehow, as this will likely not get a release in most cities in good ol’ North ‘Merica.

Better Living Through Chemistry

Interesting! I wonder if this will make a wide release. I’d see it for Sam Rockwell alone, but it looks pretty good regardless.


I’m usually up to speed on upcoming horror movies, but not this one! Looks neat, I guess? I’ll see it; it has good buzz from the TIFF!

The Raid 2

Reviews are finally starting to pop up for the sequel to one of my favorite action films from the past 10 years. Some people are criticizing The Raid 2 claiming that it is an exhausting experience or whatever, but non-stop action is really my cup-of-tea, which is most likely why I enjoyed the first film so much. If it’s not your thing, that’s fine! That kind of violence isn’t for everyone. Anyway, this new trailer has me even more pumped for the sequel; a bit more of a storyline for this one, too, it seems.

300: Rise of an Empire

Sorry for all the trailers of films who already have two or three other trailers, but hey, that’s January for ya! Anyway, there really isn’t anything new in the 3rd trailer except for a bit more dialog. Looks fun. Looking like a rush. And I have always had a big crush on Eva Green for some reason.

You guys looking forward to any of these movies?

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