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Hey Everyone, This Week in Movie Trailers is back after a one week hiatus! The reason for the break was because of a big move to another city I had to endure last week; it went as well as it could, though. Anyway, I am back in black, and ready to get right into things!

So, lots of variety this week! We have a documentary on a video game, a biblical epic, Cinderella, a sequel to an amazing action film, a film based on a fantasy novel, and some good ol’ WW2 air combat. How’s that for choices? Which will you see at the theatres?


I guess I could categorize this film under “Not Necessary,” that’s for sure.  Interesting choice for Angelina Jolie.

Minecraft: The Story of Mojang

I like Minecraft and I’m interested to learn how the whole phenomenon came about, so why not.

Ride Along

Wait is that Chris Tucker? Nope it’s not. But .. is it? Alright, it’s not; but where is that guy anyway? Did he just take that sweet paycheck from Rush Hour 3 and vanish into high-pitch comedy routines? I guess me talking about an actor that isn’t even in this says a lot about what I think of this film.


Great trailer, good music, and Bob Hoskins. This film has been in development for some time and I can now see why based on its grand scale. I’m also not sure what to think about this movie only that it has an EXCELLENT cast and it looks pretty epic along with an appropriate epic beard that Russell Crowe is sporting. I will definitely see this just for the Tyrannosaurus Rex appearance alone.

The Mighty Eighth

Great acting, great special effects (not).


This trailer once again proves that it’s not easy to transform a novel into a film; those two mediums are so different from one another that they usually come across as hokey, uninspired works, especially when basing them on novels with a grandeur scale like this one. Casting is the utmost important in these situations and unfortunately this seems to fail in that regard as well. Of course, I know absolutely nothing about the book and I’m basing this off a two and a half minute trailer, so I could be completely wrong. I’m usually wrong, so there you go.

The Raid 2: Berandal


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  1. Did I miss Bob Hoskins in Noah, or are you mistaking Ray Winstone for him? Genuine question. That aside, I’m curious to see how a big-screen Bible movie fares these days, especially coming from someone with street cred like Aronofsky. Of course, I’m also curious as to how straight he’s going to play it. So my curiosity’s piqued, you could say.

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