The X-Men Go High Fashion

The X-Men got a bit of a retro fashion re-design in First Class, but what if we went ALL the way with the concept? Artist Kevin Wada has done just that, and has crafted fashion-forward redesigns of some of the most and least well-known members of the X-universe.

My favorite is the classy Magneto above, but there are many others below worth checking out including Lady Deathstrike, Emma Frost, Bishop and Cyclops. I doubt these designs will ever work their way into a film (I think Cyclop’s arm would get tired after a while), but it’s very cool concept art that makes high fashion interesting.

Lady Deathstrike

Emma Frost







Jean Grey

Cyclops and more on the next page.

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  1. absolutly lovely, the artstyle is wonderful: at times creepy and appaling but still it has a charm to it that just invites one to see every detail there is.

    …btw i don’t know half of these characters…

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