Crappy Must See Movie of the Week: The Wraith

And no I’m not putting this movie in because of Charlie Sheen.   I’m mentioning the movie The Wraith because it absolutely kicks ass.   There’s a quality about this film that screams “Cult Classic” while at the same time including all the crucial cheese that all 80s films had:  namely hot chicks and really really bad music.  Oh and a terrible acting enemy which this movie 100% has.  Plus Randy Quaid and Ron Howard’s brother are in it!

For those of you unfamiliar, Wraith can be summed up by one line “Jake is killed by neighborhood thugs, and returns as a mystical figure (The Wraith) to gain revenge.   The Wraith is one of the most badass cars ever.

Ah yes, note to all you reading.  Best part about the movie is that you can actually see the Dodge Emblem on the Wraith car.  It’s supposed to be from outer space!

Anyway, please see this movie.

How could you not want to see this?

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