Welcome to Megan Fox Island


This is a rather clever commercial for an English school in Brazil, the CCAA, which has two castaways stranded on an island. Fortunately for them, it’s entirely populated by Megan Fox clones that Michael Bay discarded after Transformers 2 wrapped. Unfortunately for them, they can’t speak English, so they’re banished to a different place. Just watch.

Megan Fox seemed like a female douchebag in interviews, but I don’t think that should disqualify her from being in any more films. I thought she had a lot of potential, though I may be the only one who appreciated Jennifer’s Body. No, that is not a pun.

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  1. Just so you all know:

    The first dude says “Holy hell, it’s Megan Fox!” in the beginning.
    Then the other says: “It’s a BUNCH of Megan Fox!”

    Right when he realizes he’s stuck he says: “I’m screwed”

    I can’t describe how hilarious this is in Portuguese.

  2. I too enjoyed Jennifer’s Body. Not exactly a horror classic, but it’s a fact that it was better than a large number of Friday the 13th sequels and the like and nobody bashes those for being crappy. And none of them had anything as great as a bunch of dudes stabbing a chick to death while singing “867-5309”.

  3. If pouting one’s lips and standing in a way that accentuates the body’s natural curves is considered acting, then I agree Megan Fox is a wonderful actress. If we’re judging her based on normal criteria, i.e. acting talent, then I think she is possibly the worst full-time actress on the planet. She needs to start modeling so she has an excuse for her lack of acting talent.

    It could be the movies she is cast in (Jonah Gex, Transformers) but there is usually a reason someone is cast in a certain role, and her role is eye candy that can’t act.

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