The Unreal Life: “A New World for Arnold”

Alright, I’m in a drawing mood lately, so you guys get another new comic already. And this time it might contain a joke or two you might actually get! No Pokemon or Starcraft to be found.

Rather, it focuses on the recently dethroned King of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger, who now that he’s not Governor, has expressed an interest in returning to acting.

But eight years is a long time to be away, and Arnold faces a new world that might surprise him. Check out the comic below to see how he handles things:

(click to enlarge)

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  1. It really is a shame a Duke Nukem movie has never been made, because that’s one of the easiest transitions from videogames to movies. You throw in all the cliches from 80s action films, one-liners galore, ass-kicking, combined with the all the things we love about Duke’s world and voila. The script practically writes itself, right?

  2. Arnold can’t act. The only reason he ever got a part was because of his Body Building Body! Now that he is an old man, no one will cast him as a action hero anymore. And no one will EVERY cast him in a serious role. PLEASE Arnold, Dont even try, you will make a fool of yourself. Let us remember you as you were.

  3. The Role is Perfect for his Comeback, since the Duke is having his very own Comeback to struggle with this year.
    This is the only one Role that I can think of that would do two things: pay tribute to all the Arnie-Action galore of the 80’s and reestablish him as the biggest Action-hero period.

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