The Rare Candy Trick Comes to Borderlands


Maybe you don’t remember this feeling, but I do. That first time you got the Rare Candy Trick to work in Pokemon where you fought the mysterious Missingno, and all of a sudden you had the capability to max level all of your Pokemon in an instant. In an era before hotfixes and patches, there was nothing Nintendo could do about it, and so you were free to shower yourself with Rare Candy as much as you wanted, even if it may have spoiled your appetite for progressing in the game the old fashioned way.

This is the closest thing I can imagine to that same feeling, a glitch in Borderlands 2. There’s a singular chest in town that gives you some of the best loot in the game. You can only open it with a key you get on rare occasions from Gearbox, but these two discovered a way to get unlimited free treasure. It’s a glorious feeling, as you can tell from the video. Maybe it’s dumb, but I thought it was cool to see that old childhood giddiness back again. That’s something you don’t find as often in games anymore.

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