The Race


There have been many, many pop culture characters created for the express purpose of moving really, really fast over the years. A huge chunk of them are featured in the image above, simply titled “The Race.”

Who would win? Hard to say, but since The Flash has been known to move at the speed of light, I’d say he’s a pretty clear favorite here. But maybe he’s not used to the desert heat? In that case, Speedy and the Roadrunner have a pretty decent shot there. And as soon as Sonic hits a cactus, he’l have to stop and pick up all of his rings.

Bummer for Dash, who is right in the wind pattern of Flash’s ass sweat. That probably explains the look on his face.

Artist info when I find them.

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  1. The Flash moves at the speed of light. None of the persons involved have the ability to create/participate in time and/or position altering. Flash has it. Case closed. (Although… I would have to re-evaluate that based upon how many chilli peppers Speedy has had that day… but naught, he still can’t move at the speed of light.) Flash has it.

  2. The Flash has an enormous metabolism because of his speed, and I don’t think he has self-sustenance. So unless he’s kept up his consuming, he’ll be low on energy and his powers would be greatly reduced. But even then, I’d give it to Flash. Can’t believe I’m debating comic cannon before noon.

  3. If sonic had all his emeralds i’d say it’s game over….
    Speedy would probably land in last place, though i love him.
    Road Runner would be 2nd to last….
    then Dash
    Then Sonic
    Then Flash

    depends on race length
    the longer it is the more favor for sonic.
    guy rocks that cross country

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