The Preventive Maintenance Monthly Covers

We don’t really do enough comic book stuff on this site do we?  I would appreciate it if you fans could make some requests because we definitely dig the comic books but would like some input from you.

But in a rare attempt at comics I decided to look at the U.S. Military.   PS, The Preventive Maintenance Monthly is a monthly United States Army magazine published since June 1951 to illustrate proper preventive maintenance methods with comic book-style art.

I had no idea the Army had it’s own comic style publication.  Check out the many covers below….

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  1. Ok, now you have my complete respect! I was mourning the loss of Madison on this site, but for you to pull this one out… Wow!

    My Dad was a mechanic in the Army when I was growing up and he used to come home with these. They’re not really comic books in the strict sense of the term (the comic part is only the first few pages. Everything else is technical specs for doing old things in new ways. Kind of like a New England Journal of Medicine for Army mechanics) but I used to read them RELIGIOUSLY! I haven’t seen any of these in over 20 years…

    Good job on the obscure find!

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