An Amazing Action Photography Gallery

We don’t really focus on sports much here.  We don’t really focus on photography per se but when I came across these pictures I had to share them with you guys.  I think it’s because a lot of them fall into the “unreal” spectrum.  The precision it takes to capture a picture at the split second the coolest possible thing is about to happen is a site to see.

And I for one can appreciate how awesome it is.  Not to mention it puts the viewer in that place for just a moment.  It’s hard to imagine being in these situations but the photos themselves makes it possible.

Thanks to the Photo Argus for these shots.

Jesus, talk about being backed into a corner.  I’d hate to be these people.

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  1. Amazing photos aren’t they! Photographers work has such a clarity about it. Maybe it’s the depth of field or the lighting he uses but the rooms pop. Real attention getters. But I guess they have to be considering the “wallflowers” he works with 🙂

  2. Lol your post reminds me of hilarious thing my pal did, she stepped in to wet napkin, shout “craaaaaaa*” and slipped… + food flew to shirt of by stander, this happened at our engagement hoho…

    Well story short, you’v written very good post, makes me smile.

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