The Only Facebook Career Analysis Image Worth Posting

If you’re like me and have easily amused friends, your Facebook newsfeed is currently cluttered with images that are six pictures on top of a black background with a specific job title at the top. For each career, the images represent “What I think I do,” “What my friends think I do,” “What I really do,” and so on. It’s part of Facebook recent flirtation with  memes, and of course, they’ve driven something that was amusing the first few times straight into the ground. I couldn’t handle any more once I saw one that was for a “Second Chair Cellist.” Do we really need to be that specific?

Anyway, if you feel the need to post something like this, at least make it hilarious. Tobias Funke’s visual Analrapist resume should do the trick, and you can pretend you were clever enough to come up with this all on your own when you share it on Facebook.

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