The Nights We Spent


This isn’t the first time we’ve featured Zac Gorman, and it won’t be the last. The man simply knows how to capture some of the best feelings in video games, including this one which many of us experienced growing up.

This was indeed a familiar scene at my house, but I wasn’t actually allowed to play Goldeneye, so it went something like this.

(My friends and I playing Goldeneye with the volume on 2, but shouting and yelling anyway)

(Mom opens door, we flip the TV input back to cable)

Mom: What are you doing?

(All sitting around with controllers three inches away from us)

Me: Uh nothing, just watching some (glances at TV) Masterpiece Theater

(Mom is skeptical, closes door. Flip TV input back).

She knew.

She knew.

Thanks mom.

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  1. I just spent 20 min going through this guys art work and he has that nostalgia feeling down! i didnt even play FFVII(n64 kid not ps) or Earthbound(just never played it) but i was feeling those games too. awesome artist, really captured LOZ

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