The Making of the Ultimate Geek Cake

I wish I knew where this actually came from but the story goes that some girl made her brother this cake.   Apparently he was obsessed with games, cartoons, memes, and the like.   She decided to make him what I would consider to be the uber geek cake of our time.  With all due respect you’d be crapping rainbows after eating this thing.

But I have to admit it’s fun watching the transformation and step by step that goes into it.  Not sure if everything on the cake is edible but it’s certainly “watchable.”

I wish my wife would make one of these for me……

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  1. That’s not geeky; that’s nerdy. There’s a difference.

    And it’s clearly for young, young, young nerds. Pokemon? Dragonball Z? How old are you to think that’s appropriate anywhere?

  2. Pokemon was created in 1996, the same year the televised run of Dragonball Z ended in Japan. If the guy in question was, let’s say, 10 at the time, he would be 26 now, and a continued fondness for the cartoons of one’s childhood is absolutely geeky.

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