Creepy Lifelike Repainted Dolls From Pop Culture

Some people like to paint trees.  Others like to make impressionist paintings.   Hell some people even touch up the dead before a funeral.  Chances are if there’s a way to paint something, there’s a person out there who will do it.   Speaking of which,  Noel Cruz has a hobby where he repaints pop culture and celebrity dolls in a thoroughly detailed manner in order to perfectly catch the likeness of the individuals which inspired them.

So basically he’ll buy a doll and spice it up a bit so that in the end it looks disturbingly close to the character or celebrity.   The quality is almost like that of a wax museum.

Check out these crazy examples after the jump….

Orlando Bloom as Legolas

Emma Watson as Hermione Granger

Danielle Radcliff As Harry Potter

Ralph Fiennes as Voldemort

Robert Pattinson as Edward


Viggo Mortenson as Aragorn

Michael Jackson

Liv Tyler as Arwen

Lynda Carter as Wonderwoman

Elizabeth Taylor

Barbara Streisand


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