The Legend of Zelda: Echoes of the Future

Damn. It’s cool when someone thinks up a new idea for an existing title, and the concept of moving The Legend of Zelda into the future is a great one. But what I was not expecting was just how well-thought out this was, and in addition to the above picture, artist Sean NG has created an entire gallery filled with concepts about how Link and his friends and enemies might look in another era.

The idea is sort of a steampunkian future world that actually would seem to suit the series. It’s clearly quite a departure, and almost assuredly far too outside of Nintendo’s box for them to every try such a thing, but it’s damn cool to see and makes you wonder about what could be if the series ever grew up a bit.

Check out the full gallery below.

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  1. that would be awesome….my one suggestion to the author is to keep the master sword the same as it always has been, that would really make it stick out and be truly magical in a world where everything else is run down, but i still wish nintendo would do this !!!

  2. When I saw the first picture I thought that was a gun-sword like FF8. I was pleased to see a couple of those designs in the weapons list. Cool concept.

  3. One of my friends actually went to NDK last year as a steampunk Link, and another one went as steampunk Ganondorf. And then there was an evil goth Navi for some reason.

  4. More proof that Zelda isn’t Zelda anymore. First with the hell in a handbag games for the DS, now this atrocity. >(

    It’s a cool concept, I’m not going to deny that. But with all the BS that is going into Zelda within the past five years, the lore, the prestige, the masterful composing of the story ark has utterly DIED. Throwing The Legend of Zelda into the future isn’t going to help bring back the lost game. It’s going to annihilate it.

    There needs to be at least three solid renditions to the Zelda line before sending Link’s decedent into the future. None of the quirks from Twilight Princess or Skyward Sword. It needs something raw yet strong. The elements of Ocarina of Time, Majora’s Mask, and Windwaker. Yes, Windwaker. If Nintendo did at least three games pulling key elements from those three games, future Zelda could make it.

  5. I think tht Echoes of the Future should be the next zelda game but Link’s,Zelda’s,and most of the monster’s (except 4 Redead)is awful!!!!!!!!!!and i think tht it should be a sequel to ss (Skyward Sword.I wish nintendo would change most of Link’s,Zelda’s,and most of the monster’s designs tho…

  6. I love the Zelda Design in the pink and white. Ganondorf needs to have a more scary and fearsome look scene he come’s from a demonic background. I love the center link design with the shield but he should NOT have anything COP related.

  7. I think that this could be a good Zelda game. Making it more about strategy and surviving off the land kinda like “Fall Out” since the world is a waste land, but having this game kinda play like “Shadow of Colossus” and “Assassins creed”. But i feel the only way they can make Zelda a bigger tittle then what it is now is if they add gore to this game and rate it mature. I know this would be taking a risk cause Zelda has been a kids and teen game, but i feel that they are holding the potential of this game back by doing so. I have loved all the Zeldas since ocarina of time and played all of them multiple of times, but i feel for this one Particular Zelda needs to be changed up just once for “The Legend of Zelda Echo of The Future” to really be a hit.

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