The Fake Criterion Collection

The Criterion Collection is a DVD series featuring some of the best films of all time, repackaged and resold in beautiful DVD sleeves for cinemaphiles everywhere.

But what if more…ordinary movies got to have the same treatment? A Tumblr blog called Fake Criterions thought they’d take a stab at what that might look like, and so we have this awesome gallery to behold below.

I know a few of you will appreciate at least some of these movies, in all their wretched glory, and I’d definitely pick up a few of these if they actually existed.

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  1. Interesting gallery…

    I like a good number of these movies, but some of the others are just unwatchable. I don’t why, but after all these years, I still have a soft spot for Pauly Shore movies Some, not all!), and Bio-Dome is was one of them. Aside from Bio-Dome, the others that I liked were: Ernest Goes To Jail, Ghost Dad, It’s Pat: The Movie (Haven’t seen that one in a long time!), Meet Wally Sparks, and Point Break. After seeing all of the covers, I think my favorite Criterion slip cover would have to be The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift. I’ve never seen it before, nor have I seen any of the others in the series, thankfully!

    I own a couple of Criterion Collection DVDs, my favorite being Fear & Loathing In Las Vegas, which has a great and rather creative cover presentation. Also, the special features alone are reason enough to buy it. Great movie, great book, just great!

  2. These are incredible. Hudson Hawk FTW.

    I would bet $1,000 that in 20 years at least one of these will have it’s own actual release. Whether that’s awesome or sad, I don’t know.

  3. I thought that when Criterion released Armageddon that was actually some kind of joke, so some of these titles here are not that far off! I actually enjoyed It’s Pat though, and I’ll bet there are more folks who are closet-cases in that aspect than will admit!

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